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Client R, Ohio

"I have always struggled with showing vulnerability which has made it difficult to make progress in therapy. But Sharee makes me feel comfortable enough to be able to really unpack my problems. I appreciate how she was able to develop rapport and build trust in such a short time."

Client E, Ohio

"I would absolutely recommend Groundswell to anyone. Going to therapy and talking out problems...has helped me feel more solid as a person. Working through these things that give me anxiety and confusion helps make room in my brain to focus on things that I actually enjoy thinking about, and going every one or two weeks is a really good reset."

Client L, Ohio

"I have grown immensely and think I am able to deal with the stress in my life in more healthy ways. I wouldn't have thought the art therapy would have been for me, but doing something with my hands helps make talking easier. I have and will recommend Groundswell to anyone who wants to explore how they can adjust their thoughts and actions to live a more positive and healthy life."
Calm Sea

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